How to Speed up Samsung Galaxy S Phone

Be it Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Apple or any device with whatever platform build, it’s sure that when there are tons of applications in your mobile device along with the liking of Multitasking its evident that the battery will drain out very fast. So, now let’s check out some effective battery saving tips which is sure to at least save a handsome amount of battery or in short you can say that longevity of your battery will be extended. So, in this article we will tell you about some of the tips for your Samsung Galaxy S mobile phone which will not only save the battery but will also speed up your device, so that Speed will now be carried in your pocket. After all, at the end of the day battery is the life for any device.

Avoid using task killer applications
First of all I would like to clear the air on a myth that by using some of the task killers which are available in the Market saves the battery by killing the application process. But it’s not the case, in fact such task killers which continuously finds the apps which are running itself consumes so much of battery as these task killers are always awake which in turn eats up the battery by quite a lot amount. So, all in all if you are using task killer applications just for a reason to save battery life then its better to uninstall the task killer applications.

Use Proper ways to Exit apps
There may be many applications which may run in the background without your consent, though there is still a problem that many apps even the ones which are present by default don’t have a proper option to exit, its always recommended to use the back button to exit the applications only for the apps which don’t have the exit option. If the app which you wish to close has an exit option then it’s recommended to use the same so that the app which is running in the background doesn’t consume battery.

Uninstall large applications
It’s always wise enough to uninstall the apps which are huge and also of no use as apps like Firefox and also the pocket legends which has the size not less than 25 MB, you can either uninstall such apps or you will have to compromise with the battery life, a the big sized apps are always hungry for more battery as these tend to consume very high RAM. The best solution to this is to install the alternative apps which do the same work.
Turn Bluetooth / Mobile APN / GPS Off
Features like Bluetooth, Mobile APN and GPS drains out the battery at a very faster rate. It’s not all the time when we require all these, so turning off the Bluetooth, Mobile APN and also the GPS will too save a good amount of battery power. For turning them off, just drag the top most part of your home screen for a quick view of all of these excluding the Mobile APN option and you can turn the GPS as well as the blue tooth option. Mobile APN is present in the Wireless and Networks Option, which can be disabled from there.
Change the frequency of updates
This is again a small thing but a very important on as in many applications like twitter for android or even tweet deck or face book, there will be one option in the settings with which the status updates frequency can be set, if its not that important then set the option to manual and if its very important then its better to at least set to 5 to 10 minutes than setting for as low as 30 seconds or say a minute as with this too battery drains very fast as the frequency increases, so as the use of data service to fetch the content which in turn drains out the battery.
Say No to Widgets
We always love shortcuts and when it comes to us in the form of Widgets then it acts as a perfect addiction for us, but sadly all good things come with some sort of bad and so as this as with the use of Widgets battery tend to drain faster than the normal. So, say No to widgets if you want to get an extra power from your Galaxy S battery.
There are many other parameters like Live wallpapers, cache data and also the updation of the apps which consumes the battery heavily. So, it is always recommended to not to use Live wallpapers when you want the extended battery life. Most importantly, it is very necessary to clear the cache and wipe the data if you have recently updated your device as sometimes the traces of last software version may get remained in the device which leads to the drain of battery. You can clear the cache and wipe the data by turning your device in the recovery mode which you can do by first switching off your device, then hold the Volume Up key with Menu Key and then holding the both keys simultaneously you need to power ON your device by pressing the power button till the device gets started. As soon as your device gets switched ON, you will get options like Clear cache and wipe data, select that and reboot the system. Please note before you proceed this you need to take a backup of all your data along with apps as everything will be refreshed and cleared from your device. Please also note that this will not harm your device instead will delete all the cache files which are just useless files which occupy space in your device for nothing.
Use Voodoo Lag fix
Though its not a compulsion but if you feel that your Samsung Galaxy S device is very laggy, slow and also if you are still not happy with the battery life on your Samsung galaxy S GT-I9000 then I would prefer you to shift to the newer version of the Android version which is XXJPY 2.2.1 version with a Voodoo Lag fix which is an ultimate combination for increased battery life along with the speedy device. So, are you ready to fill in the Life in your Galaxy S with all the methods above.
Do, leave a feedback on what worked for you and what didn’t, as I personally loaded my device with the latest firmware XXJPY with the Voodoo Lag fix, I must say that am more than happy as my Galaxy S mobile phone has become much smarter now.

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